onda                REXELaid v.1.0

This program allows to overcome the limitation in the number of spectrum-consistent records to be obtained from REXEL and REXEL-DISP, available here. With this software, you can extract a custom number of records in an fully automated way.

Installation instructions

  1. download the program
  2. extract all the files in your REXEL (or REXEL-DISP) folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\REXEL-DISP v 1.2) – this step is not compulsory but it's stringly recommended
  3. run REXELaid.exe

System requirements

This program has the same requirements needed by REXEL. In short:

  1. Matlab MCR Runtime 7.11 installed
  2. Windows UAC disabled
  3. run the program as Administrator in Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10


  1. start REXEL (or REXEL-DISP) and search for a 30 records set
  2. start REXELaid and select the preferred setting as described in its window
  3. click on the "Search" button and follow the instructions given in the console window
  4. when the searching phase is completed, select the combination from which select the spectra from the dialog that appears
    and click on OK. The selected records will be written in a folder inside REXEL path. Press Exit when you're done.


The usage of this program must comply with the REXEL usage terms and is permitted ONLY if the author of this sotware is properly cited. Please cite with:

Rinaldin G. REXELaid v.1.0 computer program, Internet site:


Please report any bug or suggestion to .

If this program is useful for you, please consider a donation: